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Rebates and Referrals

Rebates and Referrals:

There are a number of different ways that you are able to access one of the Central Coast Therapy Centre (CCTC) psychologists. The Psychologists at CCTC are registered with a number of different programs including: Medicare (or Better Access to Mental Health); Better Outcomes of Mental Health; Workcover; Employee Assistance Programs; Victims of Crime; and various Health Funds. We are also able to offer a service with an Intern Psychologist for a significantly reduced fee.

Medicare – Better Access to Mental Health Care

People wishing to access psychological services under the Medicare scheme must first discuss the appropriateness of a referral with their General Practitioner. It is up to the doctor to determine whether the specific criteria that entitles them to this type of referral is met. The referral would allow them to access up to ten sessions of counselling per calendar year. Please note that we do not bulk bill under Medicare. The full fee for the consultation must be paid at the time of the consultation and then a rebate of a minimum of $80 is claimed through Medicare. Speak to your General Practitioner if you would like to know if you qualify for this referral.

Better Outcomes in Mental Health

The Better Outcomes in Mental Health Program is a program in which treatment sessions are at no cost to the person receiving treatment. Strict eligibility criteria must be met to enable someone to access this program, and it is the duty of individual General Practitioners to determine this eligibility.

Work Cover

People may also access psychological services at Central Coast Therapy Centre if they have been injured at work, and this injury has a psychological component. This includes treatment for depression, anxiety and chronic pain resulting from the work place. Contact CCTC on (02) 43889322 if you feel that you would be entitled to this service.

Employee Assistance Programs

CCTC is a recognised provider for a number of EAP providers. If you would like to know whether your employer utilises CCTC for treatment provision, please feel free to call us on (02) 4388 9322. Employers or companies who would like to utilise the skills of CCTC Psychologists can also enquire on (02) 4388 9322.

Health Funds / Privately Paying

Many private health funds provide rebates for Psychological Counselling. CCTC Psychologists are already registered with many of the health funds, and we would be more than happy to register for others if needed. Phone your health fund if you are unsure whether psychological treatment is covered by them. If you are wishing to participate in counselling and you do not have a referral, phone the office on (02) 4388 9322 to discuss your options. A referral is not required by CCTC.

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